Calendar for 2018-2019

1Training of secondary school mathematics teachers on Pedagogy of Teaching Mathematics7daysSeptember 2018
2Training of secondary school science teachers7daysSeptember 2018
3Professional development of secondary school teachers3daysOctober 2018
4Training of secondary school language and social science teachers on pedagogy of teaching English and social science7daysOctober 2018
5Orientation of teachers for doing school-based Action research3daysNovember 2018
6 Work shop on constructivist lesson plans7daysNovember 2018
7Leadership development programme for school principals and headmasters3daysDecember 2018
8 Orientation to secondary school teachers on Reflective ICT7dyasDecember 2018
9Orientation to CRCCs and BRCCs about integration of ICT in school subject3daysFebruary 2019
10Training of secondary school teachers to prepare question papers3daysFebruary 2019